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Here you can find archives and extended articles from our newsletters! Enjoy!

Maverick’s Corner – October

Grinder Basics

Most any 4-1/2” grinder will work, however we require that you use a grinder with a paddle switch or a trigger switch, both of which are located in the rear of the tool. These switches are much safer because when released, the tool turns off. “Thumb” switches universally rock “up” in the on position and lock there. That up position allows sawdust and chips to get underneath the switch, preventing the user from turning the grinder off. In addition, this switch configuration requires the user to always move on hand toward the front of the grinder while the accessory is turning at full speed. Yikes!

lancelotmaverickThe power tool business is a very fluid environment; changing constantly we at King Arthur’s Tools, strive to keep up with these changes. We’ve all heard the axiom “you get what you pay for”…This is true with power tools also. Paddle switch grinder prices range from $20-$150. Usually, the more expensive grinders have better bearings (less vibration), more amperage (more power), better ergonomics (more comfortable to use) and last longer.

One of the most asked questions that we get is, “What grinders will accept a tandem combo?” (2 Lancelots or Lancelot/squire combo). This is a shrinking group of grinders. We go to the home centers and tool houses and actually fit our products onto grinders. Here is a short list of he grinders that are capable of handling a tandem combo:

  • Porter/Cable PC750-AG
  • Hitachi G12 SQ
  • Bosch GWS10-45P

The Lancelot, in any configuration, is used for the rapid removal of materials and basic shaping. Letting the tool do the work, is the key to proper use of any power tool or accessory, including the Lancelot and Squire. Depending on the particular wood selected for carving, and your skill level. The wood can be removed and brought to a smooth, nearly able to be sanded condition in no time. And remember to read, understand and follow all the instructions that come with the Lancelot and your grinder.