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 Woodturning Tools used at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.

Why Razertip?

As a stroke of luck, Cynthia was introduced to Razertip on the Woodturning Cruise, and since then she has yet to find another product that creates such incredibly detailed work. In her journey to achieve her pyroengraving style, Cynthia has tried just about every make of woodburner and associated pens. Cynthia insists that the Razertip is perfect for her intricate designs. The Razertip Woodburner was designed by a wildlife carver for his own use— specifically for fine detailed work. The pens are slim and burn cool when used with the SSD10 woodburning unit. They fit nicely in your hand, unlike other pens, which have bulky visibility and get hot, rendering them uncomfortable to use.

Out of the hundred’s of pens styles on the market, she has really simplified this complicated issue by primarily using nine pens, of which three are her standard “go to” pens sold with every Razertip SS D10 kit available from King Arthur’s Tools. The other six are available as a Deluxe set additionally required to complete all the designs Cynthia teaches.

In summary, it was a no brainer to include Cynthia Gibson’s selection of Razertip burner and pens in our “Camelot’s Tools” line-up. After all, Cynthia IS the best in pyro-engraving!


Our History with Razertip

Since childhood, Cynthia Gibson has enjoyed embellishing and decorating, adding her artistic touch to anything and everything. When her husband Michael began woodturning, she had a strong desire to embellish his turnings. In the early years, she tried painting on wood, but painting did not accomplish the sophisticated look she envisioned.

Her path became clear on board the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise in August 2008. While taking a Rosemaling course (Norwegian style of decorative painting on wood) located on the top deck of the ship, Cynthia began to feel seasick. She decided to head below deck to the woodworking demonstrations. The wood burning stations immediately caught her attention. Cynthia began using the tools and decorated two plates that Michael had turned for her. That was her “aha” moment!

As Cynthia improved, Michael began handing his beautifully turned wood art over to her for embellishing. Cynthia eventually developed her own decorative style that gives Michael’s turnings an exclusive and unique personality. Michael continues to hone his skills turning and carving different styles of teapots, inspired by his English background. His one-off teapot designs, decorated with Cynthia’s beautiful and colorful pyroengraving, have taken the wood working world by storm.

In a few short years their work has found places in prestigious galleries and private collections. They continue to receive invites to demonstrate at studios, clubs and symposiums in the US and overseas. Cynthia’s talents have led to collaboration with some of the biggest names in wood turning—We have no doubt this dynamic duo will go on to great heights!

Cynthia and Michael met Arthur and Pamela on the 2008 Norwegian Woodturning Cruise, and their friendship blossomed after they were back in port. Cynthia has since transformed her woodburning hobby into a career she pioneered called pyro engraving, and Arthur is continuously amazed by Cynthia’s work.

When Camelot’s Woodworking Studio opened, Cynthia was one of the first guest instructors, and the unique capabilities of the Razertip led Arthur to carry them in King Arthur’s Tools store.