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Odie’s Oil


 Woodturning Tools used at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.

Odie’s Oil originates from nature  . . . more $28.40
WATCH Video How-To – Applying Odie’s Oil

Odie’s Wood Butter opens possibilities . . .more $32.80
WATCH Video How-To – Applying Odie’s Wood Butter

Odie’s Wax adds protection and durability . . . more $32.80
WATCH Video How-To – Applying Odie’s Wax & Buffering

Odie’s Safer Solvent is powerful, yet gentle . . . more $33.20
WATCH Video How-To – Using Oil & Solvent Combinations

odiesoil_butter_bowl Why Odie’s Products? Out of all the Odie’s products tested by King Arthur’s Tools in-house experts in both power carving and wood turning, we chose to include four in our “Camelot’s Tools” section: the original Odie’s Oil, Odie’s Wood Butter, Odie’s Safer Solvent and Odie’s Wax. Over a period of many months, involving diverse projects, we learned we could accomplish any desired effect during the wood finishing process with these four products. Odie’s products also tested well on a variety of woods: oak, pecan, poplar, red gum, walnut, pine, cherry, ack, berry, box wood elder, spalted elm and more. Our in-house and many visiting instructors prefer Odie’s products because they are very forgiving—if you are unhappy with the way a finish comes out, you can change it over time using different combinations of products, coatings and buffing. And since it is a food-safe finisher, artists can create functional kitchen items such as bowls, spoons, cups and ladles. Odie’s products also work on any size project, from bowls that are 18 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep, to small cups just 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Furthermore, artists love that a little product goes a long way, which makes it very economically efficient. The flexibility in Odie’s products opens countless possibilities for artists. Using different combinations of these products result in different lusters, textures and colors on hard and soft woods. For example, mixing Odie’s Oil with Odie’s Wood Butter creates a silky touch that maximizes the oil’s effects. Using Odie’s Wax independently can produce more sheen, with less color change, than the other Odie’s products. It is something every artist can experiment with until they find their preferable application! We take great pride in adding these four products to our “Camelot’s Tools” section.

Our History With Odie’s Products  One afternoon in the fall of September 2012, Jerry Hammock, VP of Sales and Marketing, received a phone call from Kent Harpool at Woodcraft Supply. Kent insisted that Jerry call a man named James, who was traveling through Tallahassee with a fantastic new product. The sense of urgency in Kent’s voice made Jerry immediately pick up the phone to give James a call. Fortunately, James was more than happy to stop by King Arthur’s Tools to demonstrate his product, Odie’s Oil. Jerry recalls that the first time he opened a jar of Odie’s Oil he had a strong urge to taste it. This desire stemmed from the floral citrus scent that the product exudes. Surprisingly, James told Jerry he could taste it if he wanted to – although not recommended – it is food safe! After a quick taste test Jerry determined, “It doesn’t taste as good as it smells!” James demonstrated Odie’s Oil to Jerry and Maverick Jaillet (Resident Power Carving Instructor) in Camelot’s Woodworking Studio. It stood out with its fast-drying properties and deep saturating abilities. Odie’s Oil was originally used for exterior purposes, but was later found to work well in many interior applications as well. Expertise in sustainable forestry, wood products distribution, manufacturing and finishing contributed tremendously to the development of Odie’s products. The culmination of 30+ years of research, development and field testings in the most extreme environments produced a revolutionary line of non-toxic products, including Odie’s Oil, Odie’s Wood Butter, Odie’s Safer Solvent and Odie’s Wax. Arthur Aveling, Owner of King Arthur’s Tools, encouraged James to broaden his market to include the world of woodturning and carving, offering to test James’ products in KAT’s traditional niche markets. Now, Odieʼs Oil and the other products in the finish line have attracted a broad customer base, all with positive reviews.