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Magic Whiteboard

 Woodturning Tools used at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.

Magic Whiteboard ideal for studio use  . . . more $44.99

Magic Gridboard clings using static . . . more $64.99

Why Magic Whiteboard Products?

MagicWhiteBoard_0002_Layer 1Magic Whiteboard is a portable and lightweight whiteboard on a roll. It is used by world-renowned woodworking instructors, such as Ashley Harwood and Jimmy Clewes. Write on Magic Whiteboard using any dry marker to blueprint a project or instruct a class. Magic Whiteboard adheres with static to any hard flat surface (walls, windows and doors) and leaves no marks. Magic Whiteboard acts as a blank canvas for all your creative ideas and is both reusable and recyclable!


MagicWhiteBoard_0001_Layer 2

Our history with Magic Whiteboard Products

 In 2011, Arthur Aveling, CEO of King Arthur’s Tools, received a phone call from his younger brother, Tony, a successful entrepreneur in Australia. Tony explained that he recently secured the distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand for a unique range of products originating from the UK. This unique merchandise, known as Magic Whiteboard Products, really caught Arthur’s attention and motivated him to call the owner of the company, Neil Westwood. By June of 2011, Arthur officially brought Magic Whiteboard to the United States and Canada.

Since then, Arthur has tapped into a diverse range of industries interested in Magic Whiteboard Products. Retail outlets such as Staples Inc. and Amazon are satisfied customers, as well as many teachers, trainers, students and parents. This overall success inspired Arthur to introduce Magic Whiteboard products to the world of woodworking, starting in Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.