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Easy Wood Tools


These Woodturning Tools are the ones used in turning classes at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.


Why Easy Wood Tools?

Easy Wood Tools (EWT) make woodturning easy for artists at any skill level. Beginners only have to follow the three simple rules of Craig Jackson: keep the tool flat to the toolrest, level to the floor, and center to the wood. More advanced turners can create large, intricate projects using just these tools. For these reasons, Camelot’s Woodworking Studio uses EWT in almost all of its classes.

EWT main tools include the Rougher, Finisher, Detailer and Hollower. Each tool has its own unique purpose during the woodturning process. For example, the Detailer cuts at an angle for the tenon to catch the chuck, facilitating the process of cutting the inside. The Detailer is also great for embellishing.

EWT prevent catches, and each tool is offered in several sizes to accommodate for different project needs. The cutters last for approximately 20 hours of turning, depending on the material used. Most importantly, they are easily loosened, rotated and replaced—so there’s no need for sharpening ever! In summary, the decision was just too easy to include Easy Wood Tools in our “Camelot’s Tools”  line-up.

Our History With Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools immediately caught his eye at a Woodturning Symposium in Richmond VA  in 2008. A wild mess of chips flew in the air, as a man passionately and quickly turned his work. It looked so easy and so powerful that Jerry Hammock, VP of Sales and Marketing at KATools, knew there was something different about this man and his tools.

As if by fate, Jerry ran into the same scene a week later at a Woodcraft Supply show and met the tool maker, Craig Jackson. He asked Jackson what made his turning tools different from the other lathe chisels and soon discovered the secret of Easy Wood Tools. Jackson had produced a set of tools that made woodturning effortless and fun – it was in the name – Easy. He told Jerry, “You only have to remember three things: keep the tool flat to the toolrest, level to the floor, and center to the wood.” It was that simple.

Jerry purchased a demo set of Easy Wood Tools, which he immediately took home and put to use. For the first time, he was able to turn a bowl from start to finish! When it was time to open Camelot’s Woodworking Studio, the decision to use Easy Wood Tools was clear. “It was the only logical decision when it came to teaching people the art of woodturning,” Jerry explained.

Since then, the company has sold thousands of dollars worth of Easy Wood Tools, significantly more than the other chisels offered for sale.