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Camelot’s Tools

Camelot’s Woodturning Tools are the best of the best recommended by King Arthur’s Tools and used regularly in Camelot’s Woodworking Studio Workshops. We found there was a demand for quality items that complement both our family of King Arthur’s Tools and the diverse products used in our classes. But we dare to be different in the way we present them to you. Here’s how— we test all the products before we sell them. Then, we add our own experiences from using them, enhanced with personal anecdotes of how we became involved with the artists and/or products, and supplement these stories with their recommendations. It’s a bit different, but it’s genuine. We add our own unique experiences and share them with you.

We aim to carry only the products we actually use in our woodturning classes. They may not be the complete selection of any manufacturer’s product range, but highlight the “Camelot’s Tools” selection of products— declared by the King, his Knights and the Best In The World of Wood Working! Our goal is to provide you with more product and use information when buying these products, and to share personal experiences you don’t normally hear, so you can make a very informed buying decision.

These products are used in turning classes at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio.