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Welcome to the King’s Choice! Each week a piece of art from Guinevere’s Gallery will be featured here!

13010113_3208877779451_1535106482_oThis week the King has chosen a special sculpture for King’s Choice of the week! Maverick Jaillet is the resident power carving instructor at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio. His talent, sense of adventure, and comprehensive knowledge in the craft of woodcarving has made him a woodcarver extraordinaire. He found his passion in Alaska after 30 years of working in the lumber industry, then moved back home to become part of King Arthur’s Tools Royal Family. He loves to use natural and reclaimed wood for his projects, adding history and personality to all his works. For this particular bowl, Jaillet used Lancelot, Holey Galahad, Merlin2, and Guinevere. For more information on Maverick Jaillet please visit!

pig-photoThis week, the King has wisely chosen Mel Montemerlo’s Flying Pig as King’s Choice of the week! Mel Montemerlo is a talented craftsman with a wide variety of skill and subject matter. Montemerlo became inspired to try his hand at woodworking when he saw woodworkers carving a bowl with an adze. He wanted to carve them differently, and turned to King Arthurs Tools to begin his new passion. In Guinevere’s gallery we have a few of his beautiful sculptures; a lone wolf, A hunkering bear, and the King’s Choice; a whimsical pig sporting wings. His pieces depict a certain personality and tone; a rare talent to come by. For this piece, Montemerlo used the Lancelot, Holey Galahad Merlin2.

This week we are excited to feature Gruff Herman’s natural edge cutting board as the King’s Choice of the week! Gruff Herman is a self-taught woodworker, and his pieces balance the line between functional and beautifully impressive. His works focus on bed frames, hand made cabinets, farm tables, and a variety of detailed carpentry. Herman used the Holey Galahad and Guinevere to carve and finish this particular piece. For more information on Gruff Herman and his works, please visit

This week, the King has chosen a beautiful piece by Mark Chavez to be featured as King’s Choice! Mark Chavez is a self-taught carver, currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His art adorns homes and landscapes throughout his hometown and across the country. Currently, He holds events, showing off his talent and skill in the art of woodworking. His favorite woodworking subject is the American bald eagle, and this work is an amazing example!  For this particular piece, Chavez used the Holey Galahad. For more information, please visit To view and purchase the tools used for this sculpture, please visit


This week we are excited to introduce Tom Dean and his salmon as the King’s choice of the week! This piece is called “Brown on the Smith” and is sculpted from Tiger Wood. Dean is a self-taught artist whose origins come from Great Falls, Montana. Dean found his inspiration for this piece, and many others, from his 45 years of fly-fishing experience. The wood that Dean uses for pieces, such as his salmon, are exotic and come from all around the world. Locations include Africa, Australia, Central South America, Brazil and Hawaii. To create this detailed salmon, Dean used King Arthur’s Holey Galahad and Guinevere Sanding System. Please visit  to learn more about Dean’s work!

cynthia gibson

This week the King has chosen Cynthia Gibson’s work of art to showcase for the King’s Choice of the Week! While visiting Norway, Gibson discovered pyrography, the art of burning designs and patterns into wood. Working collaboratively with wood turners and sculptors, she adds another beautiful dimension to the art of woodturning.  Her intricate pyrography has gained her international attention; and her techniques, unique and innovative, are taught to students around the world. Gibson has even facilitated several classes at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio. To learn more about Gibson and to take a look at her galleries please visit

Chris Worley

This week the King has chosen Chris Worley’s pieces to be featured! Chris Worley uses many of our tools when wood working. He used the Lancelot, Squire, Guinevere, and Merlin to carve and perfect his vibrant pieces. Check out his page to view more of his art!


This week the King has chosen a bowl created by John Birch, for the King’s Choice! For this particular piece, Birch used the Lancelot, Holey Galahad, Guinevere Sanding System, as well as the new Merlin2 to carve, shape, and sand the bowl.  Birch’s work has been commissioned by local churches, libraries, and schools in the Tallahassee and surrounding counties. Most recently he has been commissioned to give a new life to a live oak tree, located outside of the Leroy Collins Public Library, here in Tallahassee.

For more information and to see more of his work, please visit


This week the King has chosen Derrick Crossland’s turtle to be featured. Derrick is a veteran diver, experienced fisherman and boat captain.The marine life has had a major influence on his imaginative pieces. To create this beautiful turtle Crossland used King Arthur’s Holy Galahad and Guinevere. If you would like to know more about Crossland and his work please visit


This week the King chooses Michael Gibson’s bowl from Guinevere’s Gallery as the piece to be featured for the week! Gibson, originally from England, turned his hobby into a passion. He is now an avid wood turner. He has received international recognition for his magnificent teapots. For this particular project Gibson used King Arthur’s Holy Galahad and Merlin 2 to shape and create this bowl. For the outside, Gibson used King Arthur’s carbide coded disks to shave away at and create such intricate grooves. If you would like to know more about Gibson and his art please visit

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.44.24 PM

This week the King has chosen Terry Scott’s winged bowl to be featured! Terry Scott, being born and raised in New Zealand, has found much of his motivation from the wonderful landscapes in his home country. Scott used King Arthur’s Merlin 2 to produce this imaginative piece of art. If you would like to find more information about Scott and his works please visit

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.35.27 PM

This week, the King has chosen David Ely’s Eagle! David is a self taught woodcarver and painter from North Dakota. David’s art interest includes the portrayal of Western and wildlife material in wood, paint, stone, and steel. David finds inspiration for his creative works from home in North Dakota. For this piece, David used King Arthur’s Merlin 2 to carve and detail this wood into a magnificent piece of art. For more information about Ely and his works visit