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Maverick Jaillet, Power Carving Instructor


Maverick Jaillet, Sales Representative at King Arthur’s Tools (KAT) and Resident Power Carving Instructor at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio, has worked in just about every trade that works with wood – from form to finish. His passion for woodworking goes beyond his everyday job. In his free time, he enjoys creating unique projects at his home. He’s made a name for himself around town–fellow friends and strangers donate scrap materials to Maverick’s projects all the time!

Maverick is a colorful character who thrives off adventure, and in 1978 he moved to Alaska for some northern fun. He is an expert hunter and fisherman with many vibrant stories of his adventures. While living there, he became a purchasing agent for the biggest lumber company in Alaska. One of his customers came into the store with Lancelot tools that needed replacement saw chains. Maverick contacted Jerry Hammock at KAT about their products. After a detailed conversation and some interesting research, Maverick ordered from KAT.

When the order arrived, there were a few extra tools packaged for Maverick to try! He went to a friend’s house, and they started carving. New to wood carving, Maverick was pleasantly surprised when he finished a beautiful wooden bowl in just a few hours! The products were not only successful for Maverick—they were successful in the stores. Customers started wanting more of the KAT products, and Maverick brought the full KAT line into the store, with great sales results.

In 2009, Maverick called Jerry with plans of moving back south. King Arthur’s Tools had just become a vendor for Ace Hardware and was preparing for an upcoming Ace Show. Jerry invited Maverick to work with him at the show, even though they had never worked together before. It was a hugely successful show and a successful partnership!

Shortly after, Arthur Aveling, CEO of KAT, envisioned turning an empty loft upstairs into a functional studio. By this time he had learned enough about Maverick’s talents that he contracted Maverick to repurpose the loft into Camelot’s Woodworking Studio. During the project, Maverick became so involved with KAT’s that Arthur jokes, “he became part of the furniture.”

By late 2010, the woodturning studio was finished and outfitted with the best wood working tools from Jet and Easy Wood Tools. The power carving studio is fully equipped with King Arthur’s Tools and is where Maverick regularly holds classes and demonstrations as the Resident Instructor. From the beginning, the first power carving and woodturning classes were a success, inspiring more classes and rapidly luring renowned national and international visiting instructors. Maverick loves his work and is a valuable asset to the company.