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Jerry Hammock, Resident Turner


Jerry Hammock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at King Arthur’s Tools, brings more than thirty years of sales experience to the company, as well as an enthusiasm for the woodworking industry that reflects in his work every day. Before joining the King Arthur’s Tools family, he worked as the District Manager for Southern Wine and Spirits, where he vigorously aimed to exceed company sales goals. Eventually, he started using the King Arthur’s Tools’ building for personal office space— one of the perks of being the stepson of King Arthur’s Tools CEO, Arthur Aveling.

The more time Jerry spent in the King Arthur’s Tools office, the more he realized he could make a difference in his stepfather’s company. In 2004, Jerry began doing tradeshows with Arthur, and in 2006 he became the sales manager of King Arthur’s Tools. He continued to network and travel for tradeshows, ultimately earning his place as the VP of sales and marketing.

Jerry has always enjoyed woodworking— from building furniture to turning baseball bats with his son. King Arthur’s Tools inspired Jerry to achieve new levels of woodworking by introducing him to talented artists from around the world. Now he enjoys spending some of his time as one of the studio’s resident turners, turning large platters, wine stoppers and pens. His woodturned pen collection is impressive and includes pieces made from wood, deer antler, acrylics and buffalo horn. He hopes to forever expand his knowledge of the industry and to continue challenging his woodworking skills. King Arthur’s Tools is very fortunate to have such an active and experienced team member!