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Camelot’s Woodworking Studio

About Camelot’s Woodworking Studio

carved_turned_ahollarArthur and Pamela Aveling, owners of King Arthur’s Tools, have a profound love of wood art in all of its diverse forms. Their business has led them to many countries, introducing them to the world’s finest and most talented wood artists. Their collection of art from around the world is on display at Guinevere’s Gallery and is an inspiration to all. Pamela was the driving force behind the opening of this private gallery in 2006, and King Arthur’s Tools touched most of the art in the gallery in one way or another. Guinevere’s Gallery includes creations that take your breath away. We invite you to visit!

Arthur’s passionate desire to expand the world of woodworking to a wider audience came closer to reality when he met Walt Wager, a retired Florida State University (FSU) professor, organizer extraordinaire, and accomplished wood turner. Arthur shared his vision with Walt, and they began classes to teach students how to make beautiful and functional wood forms through wood turning, wood carving, power carving, pyro engraving (decorating wood with pyrography) and chip carving. Recognized and respected instructors from around the world were invited to teach in small class settings where students had the opportunity for one on one instruction. Camelot’s Woodworking Studio opened in August 2012 and was equipped with the latest woodworking, turning and carving equipment. Shortly after, Walt became the Studio Coordinator and Resident Instructor for Camelot’s Studio.


Within twelve months, the studio attracted additional well-known artists, who taught classes to local wood turners, and very importantly, reached out to a new audience of woodworkers. After opening the studio, King Arthur’s Tools began stocking a small selection of quality wood working products in our “Camelot’s Tools” section that our in-house and visiting instructors prefer to use. We know they’re great products because we work with the best in the business! If the experts recommend them, then we carry them.

Arthur and Pamela’s companies continue to grow due to Arthur’s few simple philosophies: He surrounds himself with people smarter than him, gives people freedom to do what they do best and believes that no idea is a bad idea. King Arthur’s Tools and Camelot’s Woodworking Studio also live by the 13 Core Values of their Royal Charter, drawn up by the Knights in King Arthur’s Tools Kingdom.

The first core value on the list, “be the truth,” inspires every knight to not only be honest, but to live a life of integrity. It’s really easy to run a company that thrives off of such genuine traits. The Royal Charter was meticulously and magnificently carved by one of the world’s premier chip carvers and one of our highly respected instructors, Wayne Barton. The masterpiece took over a year to create, and includes the 13 Core Values that we live by!