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Arthur and Pamela Aveling, of King Arthur’s Tools, share a profound love of wood art in all of its diverse forms. was inspired by Arthur’s passionate desire to expand the world of woodworking to a wider audience and connect with others that share that passion.

Throughout this site, you can find woodworking resources that have been carefully researched. You can sign up for classes at Camelot’s Woodworking Studio to work with world-renowned artists from around the world. If you can’t attend a class, watch the entire session from the comfort of your home or office via live video streaming!

Visit “Camelot’s Tools” to see the “King’s Recommendations” – favorite tools and products declared by the King and his Knights to be the best from the world of woodworking! Here, our aim is to provide you with more detailed and personal information when buying these products, and to share experiences you don’t normally hear, so you can make a very informed buying decision.

Also, be sure to check out the library of Resources we’ve compiled, which includes helpful links and videos about the craft of woodworking and more!

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